The Maltese Falcon

So there’s a crazy bit of snow happening today for the first time all winter.  It seems every time OLA Superconference happens there’s a blizzard, which, I don’t know what that says about librarians.  So instead of going out and attending to the various things that need attending, groceries, the library, whatnot I stayed in and finished reading The Maltese Falcon.  And…I don’t know, maybe it’s because almost 80 years later it’s innovations have mostly become cliché, maybe it’s because Sam Spade get being describe as various shades of yellow and all I could picture was Humphrey Bogart, but this didn’t do it for me at all.

Do I even need to recap the plot?  Briefly, a private detective is engaged by a dame who is CLEARLY UP TO NO GOOD; there’s a MacGuffin they have to find; the cops are on his case; and the crooks!  Events ensue as events are wont to do, then there is a tidy resolution where everyone gets what’s coming to him and poor Sam Spade gets nothin’.  Poor Sam.

I’m reluctant to take on a classic and call it junk, because it wasn’t.  All of the problems I had with it are because it’s a classic.  It was so heavy with adjectives and adverbs I’m surprised I could hold it up.  And of course you could see the ending of it coming a mile away, it’s been stolen a hundred times since then.  It’s just not a story that moves me in any way at all.  I might spend the rest of this blizzard watching the movie though.

Four dames outta ten, cause even if you don’t like it, a classic’s a classic.


2 responses to “The Maltese Falcon

  1. Loved the interview you had for the A Certain Bent Appeal blog so I just came over to see if you had any books reviews up 🙂
    Greetings from Spain.

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